🌹 Pink roses. Yellow daffodils. White hydrangeas.

Every week I’m lucky enough to receive a bouquet of flowers from my biggest fan.

She knows I’ve worked hard to get to where I am today, the struggles I’ve endured, and the challenges I’ve faced. She believes my achievements deserve both recognition and reward.

But sometimes she forgets. Or doesn’t hear it enough. Or waits for it to come from someone else. Who is my biggest fan? ME!

As women, many of us tend to do that.

Instead of seeking external validation, we need to be our own cheerleaders. We need to step up and practice regular acts of self-kindness.

Like buying yourself a bunch of happiness from your local supermarket.

For me, those beautiful blooms serve as a visual reminder to see myself in a positive light and to celebrate the unstoppable woman inside.

I feel so strongly about this that I’ve created a global online community, Saaheli.com, where women engage, educate and encourage other women to become independent and realize their full potential. I invite you to join us!

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