Happy International Woman’s Day 2018

Last Saturday, to celebrate International Women’s Day, I had the pleasure of hosting brunch for ten women who hailed from all walks of life, ranged in age from 30 to 70, and were in various stages their careers.

For most, it was the first time they had met. To break the ice, I had each attendee answer a question like “What is your defining moment?” and tell the group what they would ask of the Universe at this moment.

To my surprise, the women freely shared their stories. They supported each other. They felt safe to tell of their asks, which were not about them, but instead about humanity and improving the world. It occurred to me that this gathering and its environment were unique and sorely needed in today’s world.

It seems that some women are content to get ahead by tearing each other down. It can be lonely when those around you are jealous, petty and unsupportive. Women need a tribe of other women who will lift them up to celebrate their successes, encourage them to go after their dreams, and empower each other to persevere and succeed. This is the idea and purpose behind Saaheli.com: to create a global community of women helping women.

If ten strangers could walk away feeling this energized, happy and connected, imagine if other women around the world could do the same?